Why Al Manar Tarbiya Weekend School in uae

Quranic Arabic Language

Quran - The divine word of our creator who revealed "His" message in a beautiful language of Arabic. At Al Manar Weekend Tarbiya School students will be taught the fundamentals of Quranic Arabic Language to understand the word of Allah (swt).

Hadith Studies

Hadith - The saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is an essential part of the religion of Islam. To bring a moral and behavioral change among the students Hadith will be taught at Al Manar Weekend Tarbiya School

Memorization of Quran

Memorizing the Quran will develop a strong bond between the child and Allah (swt). At Al Manar Weekend Tarbiya School student will memorize the commonly recited surahs of the Quran.

Islamic Creed

Creed is the most important part in Islam, as such it is an important obligation that Muslims must seek knowledge about it. At Al Manar Weekend Tarbiya School students will be taught the authentic Islamic creed.

Special Tarbiya Session

In this Tarbiya Session AMTS students assemble after Juma Salat under the supervision of a teacher. In this forum students are taught general Islamic manners, discipline as well as any special topics of importance to all students.. Also students will be encouraged to learn and practice the art of public speaking and also participate in debates and quiz programme as and when organized.