Al Manar Quran Study Centre
  • » AMTS is one of the key projects of Al Manar Centre established with the sole aim of providing essential Islamic education to our Children.
  • » The sole objective of this initiative is to address the need for providing comprehensive Islamic education to muslim children and to fulfill their parents aspirations to groom their children with strong Islamic fundamentals
  • » AMTS programme are modelled in such a way that it would strike a balance between secular and Islamic education in order to create space for the students to fulfil their academic and spiritual requirements in their order of priority.
  • » As muslim children coming from different cultural and linguistic background have enrolled for this weekend programme, a natural environment has been created to foster true brotherhood and Islamic bonding through this initiative.
  • » Our academic curriculum and teaching methodology has been designed with a view to garnering moral values, self-discipline, commitment, integrity and other essential life skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with wisdom , as the children grow into their adulthood.
  • » The dedicated teaching staff are trained to identify the exceptional capabilities of individuals and allows a portal for the personal development of such students to hone their unique talents for the benefit of the community.
  • » AMTS function on weekends ( Fridays) from 9 am till 3 pm and students will be provided with transport facility, light breakfast snacks and lunch. Juma Salah congregational arrangements with English Khutba will also benefit the students.