Why Al Manar Tarbiya Weekend School in uae

Because the school is committed to:

  • » Providing students with an environment that promotes Islamic values and their integration into all aspects of life to practice a peaceful way of life
  • » Enabling all students to reach their full potential and to enhance their sense of responsibility. Thus make them remarkable individuals who contribute positively to the Muslim community and the wider society as a whole.
  • » Maintaining high academic standards and to promote life-long learning lessons by using innovative methods of imparting Islamic education
  • » Offering a supportive environment that builds self-esteem; develops personality and confidence through dedicated trainers and counsellors
  • » Encouraging social responsibility and providing opportunities for sharing and caring
  • » Maintaining small classes that will foster effective communication between teachers and students and ensure individual attention, in an environment of shared Islamic practice, cultural diversity and mutual understanding and respect.
  • » Quranic Arabic Language
  • » Hadith Studies
  • » Seerah of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him
  • » Memorization of Quran
  • » Islamic Creed
  • » Special Tarbiya Session