Why Al Manar Tarbiya Weekend School in uae

Assalamu Alaikum

Al Manar Tarbiya School is an ideal place to acquire a holistic development of self for the Muslim child. Islamic ideology needs to be cultivated at a tender age in order to ensure a lasting effect during the course of ones life. The activities carried out by the school in relation to this has received a lot of praise for playing a major role in inculcating Islamic thoughts and habits which should be inherent in every Muslim child.

Thus it is important to highlight that the students of Al manar do not limit their education to the lessons from books, rather they are thought to pay a great deal of attention for lessons learnt in life. The grooming of young minds cannot be done with books alone, but it also requires wisdom and grace from their respective teachers. For this reason, we have taken great care in employing members of staff, who are dedicated to their students, and who are able to motivate and guide them with patience and perseverance. Thus, the innovative advancement of Al manar Tarbiya School is reinforced by an outstanding faculty who are keen to maintain a healthy balance between Secular education and the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

Hence it is no surprise that immense trouble is always taken to guarantee that our services and academic curriculum meets this need in relation to local and international standards and is carried out in seeking the pleasure of Allah the Almighty.

At the outset, we stand at the brink of new challenges that face our society. Hence it is important to put forth a worthy comeback to meet the expectation of the society. Our challenge is to convert this expectation in to a positive reality which will add a great deal in improving the society. Thus we are insha allah confident that we can achieve a vast margin in terms of development and improvement in the near future.

I extend my sincere gratitude to the principal and members of staff for their utmost support in every aspect relating to the smooth function of the school. We are most thankful to Almighty Allah for giving us this opportunity and pray that he accepts this project and showers his blessings to make every step worth the effort.