Why Al Manar Tarbiya Weekend School in uae

Assalamu Alaikum

Al Manar Tarbiya School which functions during the weekends is every Muslim parent's dream. The school provides a unique opportunity for each student to be equipped with both, religious and secular education. In line with the Islamic obligation to acquire and impart knowledge that benefits, we strive hard to provide an intellectual space for our students to thrive upon.

It is our goal to assist the students in understanding their purpose in life by gradually developing their natural skills and abilities. The unique curriculum of the school which is put together by numerous experts is heavy in the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah. The focal objective of the school is to help its students to become independent learners who are confident of their own abilities. They are also given the opportunity to distinguish between what is of lasting value and that which is transitory and thus introduces them to new ideas and creates the thirst to investigate the world around them in the light of Islam. This we hope will enable our students’ to cultivate good deeds with deeper understanding of the deen, and to contribute positively to the wider society. We believe that this will not only make a positive impact in this world, but it will also ensure our place with the Companions of the Right in the Akhirah, Insha Allah!.

Al Manar Quran Study Centre management has taken a great deal of trouble to meticulously choose the right staff who tirelessly contribute to make this academic journey meaningful to the students, Alhamdulillah. Most importantly, I am thankful to Almighty Allah for giving me this rewarding position, and to accept our services and bless this venture abundantly.

I also extend my gratitude for the well-wishers and the parents who extended their support in many ways.

I invite you to visit Al Manar Tarbiya School and experience the uniqueness for yourself, insha allah.